Friday, December 20, 2013

The Christmas Tag

The Christmas Tag

01: What is one movie you have to watch every year at Christmas? 
Elf, of course! And I always tend to watch the Christmas episodes of my favourite tv shows. This year I'm watching all the movies I recommended in this post though :)

02: Do you believe in Santa Claus? If not, when and why did you stop? 
I'm nearly 22 so no, I don't. How I found out was actually quite traumatic for me - I was about 12 I think and I saw my mum & pop come in and put a present at the end our beds so Santa was shattered for me in that moment.

03: What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever received? 
Ooohh I've got some great stuff over the years. Maybe a game boy or something like that?

04: Describe your typical Christmas morning. 
Either my brother are up first and we wake up the other one. Then we watch tv or something and wait for it to be a decent hour (usually 7 or 8am) for mum to wake up. Then we all open presents. After that mum will usually sort out breakfast for everyone.

05: What is your favourite thing to eat at Christmastime? 
A good old roast is quite good. We're doing chicken, potatoes, corn, carrots and more this year. :) I also love making peppermint meringues.

06: Have you ever experienced a white Christmas? 
Unfortunately not :(

07: What is your favourite Christmas song?
"Last Christmas" is my all-time favourite.

08: Do you do anything special on Christmas Eve? 
We usually drive around and look for some Christmas lights!

09: Has your favourite thing about Christmas changed as you’ve gotten older?
This is so cheesy but I love the spirit of Christmas. I love the tacky Christmas merchandise everywhere, I love that everyone gets so excited, I love wrapping presents. As a kid I probably cared more about the presents I received.

10: Does your family have any unique Christmas traditions?
I don't think so!

11: Do you prefer giving or receiving Christmas presents?
I honestly don't like either! I love buying the presents and wrapping them and having them sit under the tree but I find giving them so nerve-wracking - what if they don't like it - and receiving has the awkward thing about how much are you supposed to react and what do you do if you don't like it?

12: Can you think of a Christmas that was more special than any other?
Not in particular. Obviously the ones where we had dad here were the best. And I always liked going to Nan & Pop's for Christmas and spending Christmas day with the whole extended family.

13: Do you prefer real Christmas trees or artificial Christmas trees? 
We've only ever had artificial ones. It's fire season in Australia and really not a good idea to have a real one! Plus I wouldn't even know where to get one...

14: What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever given?
I'm not sure! This is the first year I've actually had my own money to spend on people so I've gone above and beyond this year. The best present I've ever given (non Christmas related) was my brother's birthday present last month - he was so excited he literally dropped it and curled up into a ball on the chair haha.

15: Whose gift do you always have a hard time buying? 
My mum is always really hard to buy for. We all write lists of stuff we want to make it a bit easier but she always puts the same boring stuff on there...

16: Do you prefer clear or colourful Christmas lights? 
Honestly it changes. This year we went for coloured and I'm very happy with that choice. :)

17: Has Christmas became less exciting for you as you’ve gotten older? 
Definitely, unfortnately.

18: Do you buy Christmas gifts for your pets? 
I don't have any pets.

19: What do you want for Christmas this year? 
Sprocket Rocket Camera! (I know I'm getting it haha :P)

20: When do you put up your Christmas tree? 
We've had the tradition of putting it up on December 1st every year but this year we put it up towards the end of November.

21: What’s your favourite Christmas treat? (hot chocolate, candy canes, etc.) 

22: Do you have any funny Christmas memories?
At my Aunt & Uncle's house one year they had a blow up pool for the kids and mum got a bit tipsy and dived in - she was wearing an expensive dress and ruined it but she was so drunk she didn't really care haha.

23: Is there any part of Christmas that you dislike?
The disappointment of Christmas day. Christmas morning is obviously exciting because of presents but after that it's the crappiest day of the year for me.

24: Who is usually the first one awake on Christmas morning in your house? 
It used to be my brother or I but now it's mum lol.

25: Do your Christmas tree decorations follow any type of theme or colour scheme? 
We've got a bit of a silver, gold & red theme this year as you can see a few posts back on my blog :)

26: Which of Santa’s reindeer is your favourite? 
Prancer seems like a good time.

27: What is your earliest Christmas memory? 
Weirdly I remember it was Christmas Eve and I was going to sleep and even though it was boiling hot I had to put the sheets over me before I could sleep and I thought it would protect me from Santa. Clearly I was a little scared of him... :/

28: Do you like to wrap presents?
Love, love love! It's my favourite part.

29: What do you want in your stocking this year?
I'm not sure! Mum is doing our stockings, as usual...

30: What is the most wonderful thing about Christmas, to you?
Like I mentioned in #9 I just love the spirit of Christmas.

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  1. I was so disappointed when I discovered that Santa (Ded Moroz) is a fictional character, that's why I don't want to lie my children.
    Thanks for this tag. It was quite interesting to read :)

  2. Different xmas tag to mine but very fun to read :) xx

  3. Ohhh it's so nice to know you certainly have a great time during Christmas! <3 Have a merry one, hun!


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