Monday, October 21, 2013

One Direction Concert Experience

Last night I went to see One Direction's Take Me Home Tour in Brisbane! I was lucky enough to catch their last tour in April last year and hoped and prayed I'd be able to get tickets again this year. For days before they went on sale I felt ill at the thought of not getting tickets. I wanted to get Soundcheck tickets and hoped there'd be some left so when I logged in and clicked the link and saw that there was soundcheck tickets I was ecstatic! Then I bought them and realised I was to be seated in Row AA - the front row! Five hundred and some odd days later I was sitting pretty much right in the centre front row with three lovely girls either side of me (they were all 16 so I felt a little old) waiting for 5 Seconds of Summer to take the stage. But lets rewind to Sound Check - I met a lovely girl called Melissa there who I chatted to for most of the soundcheck portion of the evening.

You can find all my pictures in full size at flickr.

I had a awkward moment with Harry. I was wearing a necklace and it felt kind of annoying so I had my arms around my neck trying to fix it and then Harry kind of looked at me and then crossed his arms around his chest kind of mimicking what I was doing which was funny. It's like he was teasing me. Harry is so freaking charismatic it's ridiculous. His eyes bore into yours from across the room. There's a reason he's the most popular one of the group - his charm is undeniable.

Moving on to the concert... 5 Seconds of Summer were incredible. I did like their songs and had downloaded a few of them but seeing them live was ten times better. Will definitely be checking out their other songs I didn't know and keeping up with any shows they do in future. 

It was such a weird feeling when One Direction finally came on. It was like I'd waited a year and a half for it and it was finally happening and I had the best seat possible. Again, I got so lucky with the girls next to me - they weren't obnoxious or screamers at all, absolutely adored all of them. 

Each of the boys looked at me throughout the concert - Zayn did the most and for the longest time, probably followed by Liam, Harry, Louis and Niall. Harry was joking with the person taking photos of him who was right in front of me and then we had ~eye contact~ haha. During What Makes You Beautiful Harry looked at me right when he sang "right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe" which was pretty fangirl worthy. Zayn really did look more than the others and held eye contact, it's a bit awkward though because you don't want to react in case he's not actually looking at you. 

It was all very exciting and I can't wait until their arena tour next year or the year after, whenever it is. I doubt I'll be anywhere near as lucky as I was this time but I wouldn't care if I was at the back (okay, I would.. it's hard to go back after you've been in the front row). 

I hope you enjoy all the pictures - please don't redistribute without my permission. If you make anything with them on Tumblr please link me or tag me (colestclair) so I can check them out and reblog them. Enjoy!

Michael had really captivating eyes. I kind of fell in love.
Luke really gave it everything. He's a great lead singer.
Wish I could've captured this moment with a bit less blur.
This looks so much more suss than it was...
It was impossible to get a good picture of Calum, he moves around too much!
Their grins are adorable.
And then of course ONE DIRECTION CAME ON!!!
The bird tattoo kills me.
I keep debating whether or not Louis is looking at me in this picture!
Liam is too ridiculously cute.

My favourite picture of Louis.

Louis & Liam being silly edjits.
Neck. Veins.

Niall's face here looks just like my brother's expression.
Zayn looks like a model. Seriously.
Liam moved around too damn much for me to get a decent picture of him.

Again.. Neck. Veins. Do you sense a theme here?


The light shining on Louis because he's an angel.

I had the best night and I wish I could do it every single night for the rest of my life.


  1. Ahhh it looks like you had so much fun!

  2. Your photography skills are inspirational! I'd love to take photos like that!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, really appreciate it ♥

  3. ahhhhh! that photo of louis - the purpleish one - i've seen it on tumblr but had no idea it was yours! niiiiice. he's so damn beautiful.
    YOU MUST HAVE BEEN SO CLOSE. I'm beyond jealous. :P

    1. I actually saw someone's edit of it on your blog! I was pretty excited :')


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