Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feeling Down.

For the last few months I've been feeling really down. I've been unmotivated and having both anger and emotional outbursts. I haven't really been like this since I've left high school so it's left me a little confused and really frustrated with myself. I don't know where it's a thing most people in their early-20s go through with the stress of figuring out who you are and what you're doing and where you're headed or if it's completely unrelated, but I thought I'd share what I've been doing to take my mind off it.

  1. Just. Go. Outside. I'm an indoors person but putting myself out of my comfort zone and going outside can really break me out of my routine and I might feel exhausted or bored while I'm outside but once I come back inside I do feel more refreshed and like I didn't just waste a day. 
  2. Give your room a makeover. I've done this 4 times this year (3 times with my room and once with the lounge room) and it really is a good distraction and helps you feel a bit more refreshed. 
  3. Find some new music to listen to or a new show to watch. If you're feeling stagnant just switching up your music can really help your mood.
  4. Write, take photos or do something creative. Get your brain working - once we leave school our brain usage goes way down (at least mine has) and I find I always feel down when I'm not using my brain or learning. Being intelligent really fuels me and makes me feel positively about myself.
  5. Express how you're feeling to someone that might feel the same way you do or at least be able to sympathise. I told my mum how stressed and down I felt and that was the wrong move because she doesn't understand and she's never been a very empathetic person. Pick someone closer to your age - maybe a friend - and speak to them about it. You might find that they've been struggling with similar thoughts and feelings and wanting to share it with someone. It's really satisfying when you do find someone that knows how you feel.  

I really hope those couple of things help. I know they're quite obvious but they're so simple to implement into your life and it really does make me feel a little better when I'm not feeling so great.



  1. Erin, honestly you are fantastic at these posts. Usually I don't take my mind off things but I really should. This is a good guide, I've bookmarked it now. #2 and #5 cannot be more true. I'll be sure to keep the others in mind. xx

    1. Thank you, I'm really glad you like them because sometimes I just need to get it out! <3

  2. all five are perfect. <3 i always always always need to change something in my bedroom when i'm feeling down. that and a trip to the ocean usually helps. but being outside is great too - i find running a lovely release. although if i'm really down, there's no way i'll be in the mood.
    i hope things look up soon <3

    1. The bedroom thing is a really great one - I notice that when I'm in a bad mood my room is in shambles.

      Thanks hun <3

  3. I think you have found 5 amazing ways to help with my down moments lately.

    I am an indoor person as well, but I think I need to start taking advantage of my local area which is so peaceful and beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. That's great - really happy to hear that it helped a bit or gave you some ideas :)
      Cheers for the comment!


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