Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: Modcloth Drinking Jars

Recently I ordered this drinking glass set from Modcloth. I've always loved jars but I hadn't even thought about looking for drinking mason jars until I saw them on Modcloth. 

It arrived less than 10 days after I ordered it which is quite good for overseas shipping! The shipping expense was outrageous though and I wouldn't have ordered them if I didn't want them so badly.

It comes with 10 straws as you can see below. They are very good quality paper straws, not reusable but also won't disappear or break easily while you're drinking.

 The jars are pint sized and have really cute lids like this. The straws fit perfectly and I love the option of putting the straw in at an angle so it's more comfortable to drink from.

All in all I think these jars are great for parties and picnics. It's great to have drinking cups/glasses that are so long lasting and will only break if you drop them (and lets face it it's hard to drop this one because of the handle). They're also perfect if you're like me and planning on moving out of home soon (or next year haha)! I've got 12 new drinking glasses so now I don't have to worry about that. I've only used one so far as I don't want to have to repack them all when I do move and all of my mum's cupboards are quite full at the moment so there's nowhere for them to go!

I think these would be really cute at a party if you put some twine and a label around the jar with somebody's name on it! They could also be cute as a gift if you wanted to fill them up with something and then they can reuse it as a glass. ♥



  1. oh that is so cute! especially the straws.
    i also love your nails :)

    1. I bought some of my own straws as well which I should've included in this post. They're like this :)

  2. Those are lovely!!!! I love them! Too bad they're selling them as a set, I'd be fine with 3 or so. Wow though <333

    1. I'm a tad obsessed :P
      You could probably find them on ebay or etsy or somewhere like that, I'm sure they'd sell just one or two together :)


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