Friday, July 05, 2013

Kurt Cobain.

Over the last 24 hours I have become obsessed with Kurt Cobain. It first started when the Kurt Cobain Journals book was recommended to me on Amazon. I started looking it up to see if I wanted it and then it was like I fell down the rabbit hole. I've watched two documentaries about him - 'Kurt Cobain: About A Son' and 'The Last 48 Hours of Kurt Cobain'. I'd definitely recommend both of them if you've got an interest in him but I personally preferred The Last 48 Hours as you got to see how the people in his life knew him. I've also preordered his journals and ordered a famous t-shirt that he wore (the "Flipper" one). I've listed to Nirvana's Greatest Hits. All of this in just 24 hours. I feel like my perspective has changed on the world in just 24 hours.

From what I've learned about him so far, I think he was a lost and troubled soul. He didn't feel like he fit into the world. He wasn't happy. I believe he thought the world and the people in it were evil. He couldn't live in a world that was that way.

I know he had a lot of problems and addictions but I admire him. The way he felt about people is the way I've felt about people. I believe that if I had become interested in him back when I was 13 or 14 that it would've helped me cope with my own struggles. Kurt Cobain is extremely intelligent and controversial but endlessly fascinating. I'm going to keep learning about him and can hopefully make some sense out of all of it. ♥


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  1. I used to love Nirvana, and just like you absolutely loved Kurt Cobain, I wanted to find out everything I possibly could. Such a pity! Such a troubled soul

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