Friday, June 07, 2013

Happy Graduation!

Today I got my final University grade for my final class. And this was my last semester.. which means that I am done with with University forever! 

It's quite a momentous day, something that you can tell people you've accomplished, a day that you will remember... but I feel nothing. I don't feel a sense of accomplishment or anything. It's similar to when I drove, I built it up in my head and it turns out I felt nothing. That's a big worry of mine for the future.. that I'll become numb to things that happen. I've never had a boyfriend before but all I want out of life is a husband & kids. I worry that I'll feel nothing if I'm lucky enough to have it. 

These were my grades for my final class (Screenwriting) in case you're interested:

Anyway on a different note, Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran's music video for Everything Has Changed was released yesterday and I absolutely adore it. I was crying so hard watching the video. I always get like that when little kids are being cute. It's similar to this video with Elliot & Bowie.. anyone remember them?

Have a great day everyone. ♥



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