Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Aura Photography

In September last year I went to the Mind-Body-Soul exhibition and had aura photos taken! I had been obsessed with aura photography for quite some time before then and was desperate to get one done, so when I found out that Jo from Avalon by Nature was going to be on the Gold Coast today, I knew I had to go and get another photo.
My Photo | Mum's Photo
I am so happy with my picture! My previous ones only had red & blue in them so I was happy to see some green, purple and pink in there too this time. It's quite funny because I had made a couple of predictions about how they would look and I was right! I knew that my mum would have orange and green, and that I would have blue, purple & red, but no orange.

Please let me know if you've had an aura photo taken - I would love to see them! ♥


Saturday, June 18, 2016


Lots and lots of links this time - I hope you check them out!

  1. LANY - ILYSB (Live in Los Angeles)
  2. Dear Fat Girls by Chris Oflyng
  3. Big Brother UK is back and I'm super excited about it. I've always been a fan of the concept of Big Brother and find it really fascinating.
  4. Mind your own womb 
  5. Blogging + Money Matters by The Jungalow 
  6. Final Cut Pro X Plugins by Pixel Film StudiosAfter my film degree I completely stopped being interested in film, and especially making my own video content. I recently downloaded Final Cut Pro again and have been loving the different filters and plugins you can get for colour grading. I can't wait to use them more & to hopefully create more content.
  7. The Artist Challenge playlist by ThisBeDottie
  8. How to Make Bath Fizzies on Soap Queen TV
  9. Getting organised: How I manage my family's memorabilia by Life Captured Inc.
  10. Women in Film - A (sort of) Response to Jack Howard by Hazel Hayes

As always, let me know what you've been loving in the comments. ♥


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Disillusioned [A Sort-Of Poem]

Disillusioned within
Hope holding on by a string
Will I ever win?

A star in my eye
Shining brightly even when I cry
I don't want to live a lie

Pretending that I'm fine
Though I want to whine
My eyes will still shine

Monday, June 06, 2016

My Psychic Reading Experience Part II

On Saturday I went to see a clairvoyant for the third time. It was the same one that I wrote about seeing in January, as I really trust that he's legit and find the way he does readings to be really useful and personal.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

DIY Lush Bubble Bar Recipe

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be sharing this post with you today as I've been working on it for a while.

I absolutely love Lush but it can get super expensive when you're a bath lover like I am, so I knew I had to look into making my own bubble bars. I've been pretty into bath bomb and bubble bar DIYs for a long time (you  will know this if you follow me on Twitter or Pinterest) and when I finally started making my own bubble bars I knew I had to perfect the recipe so I could share it with you guys.

Nine times out of ten the results with this recipe are fantastic and I know you will love them. It's so fun to be able to customise the colours and scents of your bath products. This is a long post so lets not waste any more time. Here's the recipe...

DIY Lush Bubble Bar Recipe

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

May | One Second Every Day

May brought about a lot of changes in my life, for which I am very grateful. As you may have noticed from my last few videos, life has been very stagnant for me so far this year as I have not had a full-time job. I'm happy to say that I am now working! My schedule is flexible so I can work as much or as little as needed, which is perfect for both me & the company. Something I struggled with in my previous job was working 9-5 every day of the week - I found it incredibly draining. Even during high school my hours were 8:30-3:10 and I would not go most Thursdays as by then I really needed a break (being an introvert is tough!). I think this job will be good for me and I'm glad I took a chance.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hello all! Can you believe I'm back? I had an impromptu hiatus that I definitely wasn't planning, but after three months of posting every second day I think I genuinely just ran out of blog post ideas. My next post will be explaining everything that's been going on, but for now I wanted to share Ten Things I've been loving recently...