Sunday, January 29, 2017


January has been an interesting month. It's been a tough one but a few things have gotten me through it. Here are some of those things....

  1. My new favourite youtube channel is Plant Based Traveler. They post videos on film photography, meditation, and so much more. The quality and the editing is phenomenal - please check them out as they deserve so many more views than they get.
  2. Castle On The Hill | Ed Sheeran
  3. It was the 15th anniversary of A Walk To Remember! That seems insane to me... I was 10 when it came out! This movie means so much to me and it is one I think everyone should watch.
  4. Hi, I'm a virgin | Slam poem (Savannah Brown response)
  5. No Pressure | Elevation Youth
  6. SKAM. This Norwegian series is so incredibly brilliant. It's similar to the show Skins but is made for today's high schoolers. High school was 8(!!!) years ago for me now but the themes of high school will never change - love, friendship, drama.... it's always the same. The great thing about Skam is how they incorporate social media into the show. One of the great things about it is that the 'episodes' are posted in real time - for example, if a scene happens on Friday night, they post it on Friday night. Each episode varies in length and each season focuses on a different character. It's truly wonderful and I highly recommend watching it on a weekend where you have no plans because you are going to want to binge watch it (I watched it in 3 days - it only took that long because of work!). If you want to get it with English subtitles you can find it with a very simple google search
  7. Someday | Passenger
  8. FAT // A SLAM POEM + YOU'RE NOT FAT... YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL by partylikemaddie 
  9. The Sketchbook Soul by KickThePj
  10. Kodak are releasing a new Super 8 camera and I am so excited about it! I'm a bit late to the party but I can't wait to give it a go. I'm thinking that I will buy an old Super 8 camera instead of their new one (which isn't going to retail at over $700) but buy their film. The only thing that has put me off shooting Super 8 is how expensive it is to get it developed, but Kodak are now building the price of developing and scanning your footage into the price of the film when you purchase it which is amazing. I'm hoping that this will truly be a resurgence of film and lead to many more exciting things! 
Please let me know what you've been loving in the comments... ♥


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Memory Box (Early Childhood Edition)

Ever since my last memory box post in 2013, I've wanted to show you the other memory boxes I have. When I started them I didn't think through the ages too well before writing them on the boxes so I've been stuck with 0-9, 10-14, 15-17 and 18-24. The next one will be 25-30 which is quite scary. It's strange to think how much happens in a section of your life, especially when you organise it the way I do.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

My First Time Going to Church

Church is something that has not really been on my mind or in my life. I didn't go to Church as a kid apart from major family events such as christenings, weddings and funerals, and my family was not very religious. I was exposed to a small amount of religion at school; the teachings were based in Anglican/Church of England faith and then Lutheran in my high school years which was quite similar. We had chapel 3 times a week where the band performed religious songs, followed by a pastor's sermon. Many of us dreaded it (it could get quite repetitive!) and the rest of us were ambivalent.

Monday, January 02, 2017

The Up Series: Life at 24

This year I stumbled across The Up Series. It is a series of documentaries where they asked fourteen people from around various areas in the UK questions about their lives every seven years. I thought it would be an interesting thing for me to do, although I would like to do this series every year, instead of every seven years. I'm very into documenting my life and would love to see how my attitude and life circumstances change from year to year. I'm hoping next year that I will be able to create my own video documentary for this project but for now my One Second Every Day videos will have to do.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

2017 Goals

Happy New Year everyone! Almost all of us set goals or new years resolutions when the calendar year begins. I am no different. Here's my list for two thousand and seventeen...

My Top 10 Vinyl Records of 2016

I'm so excited about sharing my Top 10 records of the year with you! To clarify, these are my top 10 purchases, the albums didn't necessarily come out in 2016. There were some I wanted to include but I realised that I got them late 2015 so they didn't count.

Over the last few months I have noticed that I've stopped writing in my journal and listening to records. I was all about it at the start of the year but because I'm at the end of a cycle, life has been about cleansing and internally setting intentions for 2017. I've needed a lot of quiet in this half of the year, and maybe that's why I got the job that I did in May (it's a very quiet, masculine and cold work environment).

Hopefully I'll get back into records in 2017 and have even more to share with you!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

December | One Second Every Day

Another year over. It's kind of crazy to say that. I've been filming my everyday life for 11 months (I started in February) and it's weird to see life just go by in seconds. Some days feel long, other days I struggle to catch my breath. Am I happier than I was this time last year? I think so. I think that's the mark of a successful year, isn't it? To be happier at the end than you were 365 days ago.

I've loved this project and am going to continue doing it next year, however I'm not going to post the video until the end of 2017. I have a lot of goals and a lot of things planned and I really hope that is reflected in my video at the end of next year.